Scaling up secure processing, anonymization and generation of health data for EU cross border collaborative research and innovation.

Preference-Based Goal Refinement in BDI Agents

Computational agents based on the BDI framework typically rely on abstract plans and plan refinement to reach a degree of autonomy in dynamic environments, agents are provided with the ability to select how-to achieve their goals by choosing from a …

Seamless Integration and Testing for MAS Engineering

Testing undeniably plays a central role in the daily practice of software engineering, and this explains why better and more efficient libraries and services are continuously made available to developers and designers. Could the MAS developers …

Run, Agent, Run! Architecture and Benchmark of Actor-based Agents

The paper introduces an Agent-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework based on the Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) model of agency. The novelty of this framework is in relying on the Actor model, instantiating each intentional agent as an autonomous …


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Protecting sensitive data in the computing continuum


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