Just released: AMdEX Reference Architecture version 1

The primary goal of the document is to describe the AMdEX approach to sharing data and the AMdEX reference architecture comprised of governance solutions and technical solutions. Central to the approach are the AMdEX community members that cooperate as a consortium within AMdEX dataspaces and within a certain ecosystem. This document also explains how AMdEX works in practice, both from a user’s perspective, in relation to other initiatives, and by presenting existing use cases.

In particular, this document describes:

  • The principles guiding the design of the AMdEX technical architecture
  • The users, roles, (technical) components and protocols that form AMdEX dataspaces and ecosystems
  • The administration and enforcement of policies within AMdEX
  • Use cases from the AMdEX fieldlab project, explained in terms of the aforementioned roles and components

An important aspect of AMdEX is the explicit connection made between contractual agreements and applicable laws (soft infrastructure) on the one hand and the (hard) technical infrastructure on the other hand. This document describes how that connection is made and the process by which laws and contracts are integrated into the technical domain.

This work is executed within the AMdEX Fieldlab project supported by Kansen Voor West EFRO (KVW00309) and the province of Noord-Holland.

L. Thomas van Binsbergen
L. Thomas van Binsbergen
Assistant Professor