Paper Accepted @IEEE eScience 2022

The paper titled Exploring the Enforcement of Private, Dynamic Policies on Medical Workflow Execution by Christopher A. Esterhuyse, Tim Muller, Thomas van Binsbergen, and Adam S. Z. Belloum was accepted at 18th IEEE eScience Conference 2022: Democratizing Science.

Paper Accepted @PPAI23

The paper titled On Achieving Privacy-Preserving State-of-the-Art Edge Intelligence by Daphnee Chabal, Dolly Sapra, and Zoltan Mann was accepted at 4th AAAI Workshop on Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence. Abstract: Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) Inference in Edge Computing, often coined Edge Intelligence, requires solutions to insure that sensitive data confidentiality and intellectual property are not revealed in the process.

Assistant or Associate Professor in Security and Privacy

Join our team! We have an open position in the broad area of security and privacy. The position can be filled on the level of either Assistant Professor or Associate Professor.

Two PhD positions on efficient privacy-preserving techniques for data analysis and machine learning

How can the privacy of health-related personal data be preserved, while using data analysis and machine learning for innovative medical approaches? What privacy-preserving techniques should be used and how, to achieve given privacy and utility objectives?

Symposium in honor of Cees de Laat and Leon Gommans

A symposium entitled ‘From Systems and Networks to Complex Cyber Infrastructures’ took place on 9th December 2022 in honor of Cees de Laat and Leon Gommans. On the one hand, Cees de Laat, the former Chair of CCI, retired recently.

Paper Accepted @AICOL-JURIX 2022

The paper titled Regulatory Services to Automate Compliance with Ex-post Enforcement by Lu-Chi Liu, Mostafa Mohajeri Parizi, Thomas van Binsbergen, and Tom van Engers was accepted at AICOL 2022: AI Approaches to the Complexity of Legal Systems.

Paper Accepted @JURIX2022

The paper titled Can a military autonomous device follow International Humanitarian Law? by Tomasz Zurek, Jonathan Kwik, Mostafa Mohajeriparizi and Tom Van Engers was accepted at 35th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems.

BDVA position paper on data protection

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) has just published a new position paper on the latest trends in data protection. Entitled “Current Hot Topics in Data Protection” and edited by Zoltan Mann, the position paper summarizes the latest challenges as well as promising technologies in data protection.

Another Paper Accepted @SLE22

The CCI group is well presented at the 15th edition of the Software Language Engineering (SLE) with another paper being accepted, titled: A Language-Parametric Approach to Exploratory Programming Environments by Thomas van Binsbergen, Damian Frolich, Mauricio Verano Merino, Joey Lai, Pierre Jeanjean, Tijs van der Storm, Benoit Combemale, and Olivier Barais.

Paper Accepted @SLE22

The paper titled iCoLa: A Compositional Meta-language with Support for Incremental Language Development by Damian Frolich and Thomas van Binsbergen is accepted at the 15th edition of the Software Language Engineering (SLE) conference.