Mostafa Mohajeri Parizi

Mostafa Mohajeri Parizi

PhD Candidate

University of Amsterdam

About Mostafa

I am a PhD student in the Complex Cyber-Infrastructure (CCI) group under supervision of Tom van Engers and Giovanni Sileno. In my research, I focus on the interactions between software systems and legal rules, trying to (1) find approaches for law practitioner to make sure a software component is behaving according to rules, (2) study approaches for software engineers to create software components in environments goverened by complex rules, (3) create methodologies to design and analyze existing regulations that involve software components. Most of this work revolves around Agent-Oriented Programming (AOP) approaches that try to capture the more complex aspects of a social systems in terms of software programs, and to achieve this, I have been working on the AOP framework AgentScript Cross-Compiler (ASC2).


  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Agent-Based Programming


  • MEng in Software Engineering, 2016

    Sharif University of Technology