Marco Brohet

Marco Brohet

PhD Candidate

University of Amsterdam

Hi, thanks for visiting!

I'm doing my PhD with my co-promotor Francesco Regazzoni and promotor Cees de Laat. My goal is to make computer systems more secure by efficiently implementing security primitives in the computer architecture hardware, enabled by the rise of open-source Instruction Set Architectures (ISAs) such as RISC-V.

As I was born and raised in Amsterdam, cycling is definitely my preferred method of transportation, and my lunch is not complete without a cheese sandwich. But I certainly want to do some experience abroad to broaden my horizon. I still like to play an occasional game of table tennis, so let me know if you know a good spot for this. Or if you want to play a chess game with the giant pieces at the ground floor, here at Science Park.


  • HDL coding
  • Messing with FPGAs
  • Operating systems
  • CPU architectures
  • Computer systems security, from binary exploitation to Spectre & Meltdown
  • An occasional CTF


  • MSc Computer Science (Computer Systems Security), 2021

    VU Amsterdam & University of Amsterdam

  • BSc Computing Science, 2018

    University of Amsterdam