Lu-Chi Liu

Lu-Chi Liu

PhD Candidate

University of Amsterdam

About Lu-Chi

I am a PhD student in the Complex Cyber Infrastructure (CCI) group. I come from Taiwan and have my master’s degree in Computer Science at National Taiwan University. After that, I worked in the software industry as a DevOps engineer for about two years and decided to persue a doctoral degree abroad. Being supervised by Tom van Engers and L.Thomas van Binsbergen, my research focuses on the implementation of digital enforceable contracts, investigating blockchain, smart contracts, compliance, governance, normative systems, adversarial settings, etc. I will be working on the SSPDDP project which aims to create secure, scalable and policy-enforced environment for data exchange. Apart from this, I like to play volleyball, watch Netflix series, taste delicious food and attend various activities in my free time!


  • Smart Contracts
  • Regulated Systems
  • Data Exchange and Infrastructure


  • MSc in Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2017

    National Taiwan University