Kyrian Maat

Kyrian Maat

PhD Candidate

University of Amsterdam

Hi there

I am currently working on my PhD in the Complex Cyber Infrastructure group, where I am part of the Security By Design team. As part of the European SECURED project, I work on the acceleration of Secure Multi-Party Computing (SMPC) on software and/or hardware fronts. The intersection of security, communication and practical use cases is an exciting prospect for me to work on and talk to others about. I would love to be able to transition these talks to a lecturer position in the future, and have obtained my BKO as part of my interests in Education and Teaching. But let's focus on the PhD first.

I was born in West-Friesland and live in a small town, which to many of my colleagues is referred to as some sort of black hole. Even still, we do at times enjoy a good boardgame here, which together with baseball and the occassional video game make up my hobbies. Obviously I'm also up for a drink or a good restaurant visit as a past-time.


  • Side-Channel Attacks
  • Secure Multiparty Computing
  • Teaching in Education


  • MSc Computer Science (Computer Systems Security), 2021

    VU Amsterdam & University of Amsterdam

  • BSc Informatica, 2018

    University of Amsterdam