George Tasopoulos

George Tasopoulos

PhD Candidate

University of Amsterdam

About George

I am George Tasopoulos and I have been working on my PhD in the Complex Cyber Infrastructure group since October 2023. I am also part of the SECURED European project where I am working in the optimisation of Secure Multi-Party Computation techniques on the architectural and software level. Previously, I have worked for 2 years in Industrial Systems Institute / ATHENA Research Center (Patras, Greece), mainly focusing on Resource-Constrained Systems Security and Post-Quantum Cryptography. I am also an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Patras, Greece.



  • Secure Multiparty Computing
  • Post-quantum Cryptography
  • Assembly-level Optimisation


  • Diploma (BSc with integrated MSc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2021

    University of Patras