Daphnee Chabal

Daphnee Chabal

PhD Candidate

University of Amsterdam

About Daphnee

My name is Daphnee Chabal and I started my PhD in January 2022. Supervised by dr. Zoltan Mann, I conduct research in the theme of Security and Privacy in Edge AI. My research focuses on 1. understanding the criteria that secure multi party protocols must meet to be viable in edge computing environments, 2. understanding the effect of different model compression techniques on the overall performance of edge intelligence, and 3. creating fast, accurate, and secure solutions for neural network inference in edge computing systems. The overall aim is to bring state-of-the-art AI to resource constrained IoT settings, with data privacy guarantees. Neuroscientist by training, I was previously part of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the Cambridge University's Junior Researcher Programme. I also worked as a data scientist in the aerospace and the email service industries. I am a United Workd College graduate.


  • Secret Sharing (Secure Multi Party Computing)
  • Neural Networks (Deep Learning)
  • Edge Computing (Distributed Systems, IoT)
  • Neural Networks Compression


  • MSc Information Studies (Data Science), 2020 - University of Amsterdam

  • MSc Brain & Cognition (Cognitive Neuroscience), 2018 - University of Amsterdam