Christopher Esterhuyse

Christopher Esterhuyse

PhD Candidate

University of Amsterdam

About Christopher

My name is Christopher Esterhuyse, and I am joining the CCI group as a PhD student. I will be working on the AMDEX fieldlab project, which will involve topics such as software language engineering, and distributed systems. I am most looking forward to interacting with colleagues with various interests and specializations. My childhood was spent on the move within the USA, and my home country of South Africa. Since I moved to Amsterdam in 2014, I somehow managed to stay put, turning my place of study into my new home. In that time, I have cultivated some typical European hobbies, such as hiking in Germany, and drinking Belgian beer.


  • Logical, Functional, Systems, Parallel, and Distributed programming
  • Coordination logic
  • Balancing safety and performance
  • Distributed Systems


  • MSc Parallel & Distributed Computing Systems, 2020

    VU Amsterdam